Another post? Really? But it’s only been a few months since the last one. Lol!

By now I hope you realize this is NOT a daily blog. Haha!
It was intended to be one I posted in much more regularly that I have of late but I am just too busy and Instagram has mad me extremely lazy! ๐Ÿ™‚
If you are not following me on Instagram, you can @pdustin_totallyretrospective.
I post there almost daily but I have lapses everywhere. Oh well…

If you have not been keeping up,you may not know that my new kitten Boston was actually newly pregnant when she decided to come live with me.
She was very young and had EIGHT little kittens.
Although she did her best and my girlfriend and myself tried to aid in their survival,sadly none of them did survive over three weeks.
She however is doing well.
She has been spayed and is an indoor/outdoor cat now.
She has recently discovered my roof and seems to love it. Ugh!




My girlfriend also just came home with an adorable little guy who looks very much like her sons favorite kitten of Boston’s litter. We have not pointed out he is a different kitten and he hasn’t asked so that difficult conversation was avoided all together and they have the cutest,more spoiled little boy cat around!






Speaking of new pets,
Boston brought home a new friend for me to feed…


She doesn’t mind him. She just sits on “her” Eames lounge-chair and watches him eat.
While we are on the subject of chairs (or, more accurately, design) I have done some redesign to the house at Old Salem.
I’ve worked on every room but ill start by showing a couple of views of the main entertainment area…


I suppose that’s enough rambling for one day but I still have the trip to Cheekwood Botanical gardens “LIGHTS” exhibit to post so I will actually update again while its still October! Lol!
Till then,have a great day!


It’s almost July. Guess I should say hi! Lol!

Well,it looks like I lied to you when I said I’d post more often.
Sorry. I guess you will just have to accept that I am not to be trusted with such comments.
Life is just too busy these days.

I haven’t forgotten you guys though and if you have been following my vintage midcentury modern furniture booths blog (
or myself on Instagram (pdustin_totallyretrospective),
You know a little more than the rest of you all.
If you haven’t followed them,shame on you. They are awesome! Lol!

At any rate,I had a little time to kill so I figured if update this one for once.
With Father’s Day on Sunday,I’m left with not knowing what to do for dad.
He doesn’t really need much as the nursing home takes really good care of him. I’m thinking just a big candy box with a new shirt or two. I’m just not sure.
That brings me to my next confusion. What to do for the 4TH. No idea.
Last year u stayed home. Relaxing but super boring. I was single then too so boring was fine. Can’t do that this year. I need to make it fun!
Speaking of girlfriend,I just helped her move into a new home that amazing!
Not midcentury,actually almost new but beautiful!
She has had me helping her shop for furniture and its been totally freeing to not be locked into a midcentury esthetic.
Not that I don’t love the stuff. I do! But after constantly searching for it for my home AND my booth,other design styles are a nice change of pace.
She said the other day that she was sorry we took all day and that she was sure I’d rather be doing something much less boring that shop for furniture.
We looked at each other and laughed out loud!
My girls hilarious! I love her very much!

As far as my home and my booth go,
The booths doing well but I have began to realize that I’m greedy. Lol!
Rent isn’t cheep and I’m starting to consider transitioning from a brick & mortar shop to all online. For those of you who sell larger (or even smaller) items online,where do you sell? How does the shipping thing work? Are you doing eBay? Etsy? Fab? Or all?
I really do want to know. Message me or email me at!!!


As you can see,I’m pretty well stocked right now ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a single photo of some of the progress on my girls home. Hope she won’t mind that I post it.
The place is coming together so nice that I just had too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I also added a few few little additions to mine. Namely a 1975 Thayer Coggin/Milo Baughman brass framed armchair from my local Craigslist for $25!!!
They go anywhere from about $800 to $3000 right now sooooo yea,I bought it!

That’s my new cat,a stray that adopted me,Boston (or Bossy) checking it out when I first brought it home. It’s totally here’s now. Clearly her favorite…
That brings me to her. She showed up the weekend of the Boston marathon and being a runner,I named her Boston.
She likes to “rearrange” things so after the bombings,it just fit.
My girlfriend said it was kinda morbid and gave her the nickname Bossy which actually fits her perfect!




I also picked up this little guy for $28 at a local antique mall.

And replaced my red Marcel Breuer Cesca chair at the piano with my replica Eames that I picked up last year.
I think it works good but it bugs me that its a replica not twenty feet from the real 60s Herman Miller/ Eames rocker Bossy’s next to.

Ok,getting away from cats and midcentury furniture,My son is a high school graduate!!!
How did I get so old! Lol!
Couldn’t be prouder of him. He worked really hard over the last few months to get it together and graduate with honors. That kid is going to accomplish everything he sets out for! Guarantee it!







Love that kid!!!
Off to work for me!
Here’s a few pics of bossy,the living-room as it is today,and one of myself,my girl,& my good friend James,along with a parting photo of Bossy on her Milo Baughman. Lol!









Until next post,have a great life!
You only get one ya know ๐Ÿ™‚

Has it really been since January that I’ve written!? CRAZY!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote anything here! That’s just nuts because I’ve had tons to talk about this year so far!

Ok,so I guess I’ll start with the first change of the new year… I began dating again!ย And don’t let my love for art,architecture,fashion,and design fool you. She is most definately a girl. Lol! We met quite a while back but it wasn’t until later that we really began talking. I can tell you that she has filled a gap in my life that I didn’t even know I had…

Then there’s the booth at HylaBrook antique mall. B-90,Totally Retrospective (found at
I went in to it not really expecting much seeing as how it’s a little hidden and absolutely no one I know knew it was there. Also the fact that everything else was country or shabby chic made me feel as though mcm might be out of place there.
However,there is really no good mid-century modern retailer closer that 45 minutes away by interstate so I decided to give it a go. I went in with one requirement,don’t loose money. As long as I was able to cover rent and cover my purchases for the booth,I’d stay… The second I was out something,so was I from the mall… Two full months in and things have way surpassed what my expectations were going in. I plan on a long haul commitment and who knows,maybe my own mid-century vintage shop some day. As long as the Mad-men wave is flowing,I’m planning on riding it out…

Another year means at least one triathlon training program to coach. I have to say,I have the best co-coaches out there! Makes my job pretty stress free. These guys (and girls) this time are in the best shape going into the twelve weeks of any of our previousย programs! They are all way ahead of where I thought they would be right now. A few may even place in their age groups at the race they are training for.

Of course,with all the good,there is always some bad. Last week one of the most promising young athletes I have seen in a while was killed in town crossing a street. Completely unrelated to any training he was doing. He was just walking his bike across a street. Its just sad. Crazy! One second they are a gung ho 20 year old university student,the next,just a memory… Totally unfair to say the least.

The day of his funeral,my dad was also taken to the same hospital with breathing complications. Turned out that he has severe pneumonia in his right lung and will have to remain at the local hospital for a number of days still. He looked better today and they expect a full recovery. The race we are training for got wind of the accident and may rename it in honor of our fallen athlete and friend.

I wish people would never get sick. I’d have it that no one ever had to die… But they do,and we all will. Eventually.
The thing is,we have a purpose here now before we go. We all do. I do. You do.
Pick up a Bible and start reading it. If you don’t have one,borrow one. You will learn a lot from it. Even if you don’t believe as I do,I promise you that it still has at least a few story’s we can all relate to and get strength from.

Have a wonderful night and I promise it won’t take me so long to drop by next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

New year,new blog post!

Hello! Feels like its been months since I’ve updated this particular blog. Oh,wait,it has been!
Ok,ok! I’m sorry… Again!
I’d say it won’t happen again but we all know it will and I won’t lie to you. I won’t.
Lets see, when I last spoke to you I had just restored the big vinyl midcentury armchair for my new shop (well,more like my new booth. Can’t quite call a 10×15 foot space a shop can you.) but then decided I might just keep it. Well, I did. You can’t have it. It’s way too cool!
I did however move a ton of stuff in to booth-90 and after the first month I not only made rent but also turned a pretty nice little profit too! That was unexpected to say the very least! I said going in that I’d give it three months to pay for its self and six total before I pulled out. I think I’m in it for the long haul now… Plus it’s way to fun finding awesome stuff and flipping it to end now. Can’t remember if I’ve posted any pics on here since I have a blog dedicated to just the booth at so ill post a few for you to see what it looked like before Christmas. A few of the items seen are already gone but more cool stuff is being or has been added already!




Santa was super nice time this year! Had Christmas with my dad at the VA the Tuesday before and then spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve there too. Christmas Day was with my mom,step dad,aunt,uncle,and my son again. This time at my moms house.

Best gift that I was expecting was this 1960’s HermanMiller/Eames fiberglass shell,Eiffel based rocker!
I got at least one gift from Santa that I was certainly NOT expecting but then,those really are the best kinds. Aren’t they?

Spent NewYears eve with good friends who I hadn’t seen in a good while then went to bed well within reason.
Newyears day consisted of a wet/windy 11.88 mile road run at a 6:57 average mile pace which brings us to today…
Loooong day getting back to work. Long but good. Yea,I’m a little sore from yesterday’s run but I will live. Lol!
Then an excellent end to a good afternoon… Now that your updated on what I’ve been up to, follow my MCM (midcentury modern) booths blog at! Find something you like. Then go to HylaBrook Antique Mall in Murfreesboro Tennessee (just off of I24 near KFC and CrackerBarrel on the right) and buy it all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yea, and I survived a Mayan apocalypse too. Totally forgot about that one! Haha!

Big bulky totally awesome midcentury armchairs…

Turns out I have a weakness for these overtly manly vintage vinyl thrones. Just found this out.
I found the first one on craigslist for my new MCM booth I’m opening. After getting it home however, I decided it was just to cool to let go of,even at a good profit,and I’d just have to find something to replace it with.

No problems there. I soon found another locally at a thriftshop that had great bones but was extremely faded (especially on the armrests) and the threading that held the seat cushion together had just rotted away so it needed to be repaired. It was a great price so even though I don’t know how to stitch OR re-dye vinyl,I figured I could learn. I mean, how hard could it be?

After buying a sewing kit and trying to fix the cushion via blood transfer,the cushion was restitched. The zipper in the rear of the cushion was done for so I just stitched it shut. I mean,how often have any of you taken the cover off a chair? Me? Never… And I’m 41 so I figure I’m safe from needing to get in there anytime soon.
I also picked up some vinyl dye in a similar color to its original and gave it a couple of costs.

After bringing it back in and adding its vintage wooden & brass legs back to it I stepped back and took a good look at it and tried to be as objective as I could… Would I buy it if I viewed it in an MCM booth?


Yes… Yes I would buy it…
Well, time to search for YET ANOTHER replacement Mcm chair for Saturday. Lol!!!


Hello again!

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I did. Went to see dad and take him a thanksgiving milkshake with my mom and son. That’s the thing with nursing homes,they do it all so there’s little left you can add except yourself. Anyway,he loves his McDonald’s milkshakes (vanilla or chocolate. Doesn’t matter. He’ll take it. Lol) so he was as happy to get it as to see any of us I think. ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanksgiving afternoon my son and I headed to Columbia Tennessee for thanksgiving dinner with my mom,step dad,aunt,and uncle. Man! I miss my moms country cooking! Can’t wait for Christmas! Haha!

After thanksgiving,things got back to,well,being hectic. Work,work homework,Mcm booth planning (cleaning,organizing,labeling,pricing,and packing) and triathlon training all has me super busy! So much so that I hardly have a social life right now. Even visiting Churches Of Christ (yes,I’ve never said so here but I belong to the church of Christ) closer to work and home just to save time. Haven’t seen my friends in forever and dating isn’t even an option but its about to get easier after I open the my booth (B-90 Totally Retrospective) at HylaBrook Antique mall. No idea how mid-century modern is going to go there but we will know soon. You can follow the booth at — — ๐Ÿ˜‰
I have however still searched to fill the space there and my house still.
I found a couple of cool things lately.
The coolest one is a Lane Acclaim coffee table dated April 17th 1956. Pretty cool but that’s not the whole picture. The best part is I got it for $10!
The worst part is it was fire damaged on one corner and I’ve never done wood repair but hey,for ten dollars I was totally going to try! My first attempt is,well… Better. Not great but I’m going to continue to work on it and continue to learn in the process which will open up more options for me in the future as to what’s a purchase and what’s a pass on.




Totally love my moms house. Completely different from the midcentury vibe of my home and super comfortable feeling. That bedroom makes me jealous! I’d totally live there.

My favorite part of my moms house? This frame of my grandmother and her little home that my grandfather built in the late 30’s/early 40’s along with its original door key,a dried flower from her flower garden,her favorite pin,and a little “face” nut she and I found in her yard when I was little. Man I had some good times at that house. It’s abandoned and about to fall in now. Sad…

You didn’t think I’d end this post without a few pics of my Lane Acclaim table did you. Ha! Silly. ๐Ÿ™‚

At the thrift shop…

After a ton of sanding…







A work in progress but I love it!!!

Delima. Need your input. End of the world type stuff ;)

Ok, this is soooo important! Lol! Ok, not really but I do want input because I just can’t decide.
Ok, here’s the deal,
1st) I converted my formal dining room into a music/hangout room for my son and his friends a while back and it’s now the only room that is minus any real feeling of an eclectic mix of midcentury seating…
2nd) I signed the contract for an Mcm booth at HylaBrook antique mall this week and will open it on the first of December. While I have a number of pretty good pieces, I wanted an attention getting chair for the entrance of it.
3rd) I found this brownish orange beauty on craigslist early this week and got a STEAL on it!

Here is the delima,
Do I (a) keep it and take the next two weeks to find a cool alternative (or alternatives) for the booth?

Or do I (b) stick to the original plan an put it in the booth like I thought I would and just hope I can come across another one like it eventually for myself?

Or do I (c) put it in the booth with a ridiculous asking price so if I sell it, I make bank. And if I don’t, I still have it ( I’ll be it,not exactly home with me).

The only problem I see with (c) is I may come off looking like a D-bag or possibly just clueless to the actual worth of this piece of Mcm furniture. And I don’t really want to appear as either of those as I am most certainly not either one. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok boys and girls,
Keep it? Display it? Mark it crazy high to do both?






Ok ย boys and girls, in an ever increasingly difficult attempt to keep this blog on course (that is-keep it about me,my family,our life,the things I love,this home,and the stuff I do to it or get for it) I have desired to start another blog here on WordPress dedicated to my new MCM antique booth.

I will get back to what’s important to me here and put what’s important to it there. That should workout very nicely… So it probably won’t. Lol! The address is

That will also become the name of my little 10/15 foot space in the mall. Totally Retrospective…

Hope you will keep checking in on me HERE and I hope you will follow my new blog site as well and hey, if your near HylaBrook Antique mall on a Tuesday afternoon stop in and say hi because I’ll most likely be bringing some new stuff in on those days.

Hope everyone had a great Veterans Day! Now stop reading and go do something!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Veterans Day

So it’s dads day once again! Yep. Veteran! Air Force actually.
My dad grew up very poor in an old farm house with sheets for bedroom doors and a wood burning stove to weather the Tennessee winters. No matter what you think,south or not,it does get cold around here.
The home was white,the floors were wood or dirt (depending on what part of the building you were standing in) and the bedroom was shared by 5 other brothers… Yep. One room, 5 guys! Can you say “tough life”? It was the TRUE mid-century for many who lived through it. Not the late 40’s,50’s & early 60’s usually seen in the movies.
He went to high school in a little school that I can remember running around inside of while growing up. You see,before it was torn down,it was down the road from one of his brothers (my uncle) house and me and my cousin would climb through the boarded windows and play cops & robbers. Long gone now.
Aaaany way,after high school he had planned to go to a tech school instead of college due to the aforementioned poorness. He did… Eventually.
First however, he got a letter.
A detour of plans via Uncle Sam. What to do? Go to Mexico? Go to college somehow? Or try to “be all you can be”?
My dad never ran from a challenge. Still doesn’t and as a kid with a fascination for airplanes,he signed on with the United States Air Force. Because of his farming background he is great with his hands and found he was pretty bright too. Airman Worley became an aircraft mechanic. The very things he had always loved watching fly over the family farm were now depending on him to continue to fly.
He was lucky in that even though he served during wartime, he was mostly stationed far from it. France,Egypt,and most of the his time in West Germany. His “famously ridiculous (to us) wartime injury” came there on the tarmac in Germany when he and his buddy decided to surf the wings of a taxiing aircraft into a hangar. The thing hit uneven pavement. His buddy rode “the wave”, dad didn’t. Off the back of the wing, onto hot tarmac ear first. Small concussion, slight hearing loss but otherwise ok. Lol! Insane!
Ok so is it just me or is it weird to think anyone born after 1990 never knew how crazy the whole Cold War east/west thing was!? I mean really? Who builds a wall? Oh right. Never mind…
Side tracked again. Ugh!
He served his time then got out due to meeting my mom. Got married, went to that tech school, got a job as a tool & dye man and worked for the next thirty some odd years at the same business with his eldest brother. His youngest brother died when they were kids but the rest remained close through adulthood and still check on him from time to time. Fast forward to present day and after a long battle with vocal problems,standing/walking problems, and other even more serious health problems, he now(at least for now)lives at the local V.A. Nursing facility. He may not have really wanted to join the military, a great many didn’t want to but had no choice during the draft years, but he loved it! He loved the guys he served with and he loves hanging with fellow military vets day to day now.
I love my dad,but even more so,I respect my dad. He did what he was supposed to. He did what was right. He always does. Makes it pretty hard to measure up when your his only kid ๐Ÿ™‚
Happy Veterans Day dad! I love you and I miss those story’s but I’ll tell them for you since your not able anymore.


Its going go be a busy couple of weeks!

Ok so I just realized today that I have till December 4th to have the next tri-program completely finished on PDF & ready to run,December 1st to have a full stock of vintage midcentury modern goodness cleaned,priced,organized,and ready to be loaded in its new antique booth,January 6th to be back to the best shape of my life to sufficiently coach people to get there too,plus less than a month till a thanksgiving dinner for dad and also with my mom & son,three weeks to find that elusive last awesome MCM icon (probably another chair… I’m a chair whore! What of it!?).
Plus it’s getting close to Christmas as well as all that gift shopping!!!
Whew! I’m exhausted just typing it…
Decided to get started pulling some stuff out of storage and begin to clean and organize it. December 1st will be here soon so I may as well get started. I also picked up this cool vintage 60’s plant stand tower and the little retro afghan pillow today by total accident! The stuff just kinda finds me.
Man! My music rooms kind of a!!!


Oh and if I can get you to console me of a loss for a second,I saw this craigslist add a good while back for an “Eames chair reproduction” needing “a little TLC”. The seller gave a phone number but no price. I figured based on the fact that they knew what an “Eames chair” was that they probably also knew they had a vintage Plycraft and super quick google,eBay,or other search would most likely render a $200 to $400 asking price from them and I needed a better deal than that to be able to resell it. So,I didn’t call.
HUGE mistake!!!
Now that I need to fill a little more space I decided if it was in the mid hundred dollar range,I might bite… So I texted them. Sold the other day. Oh well, no big. Just move on Paul. Right?Nah,not me. I had to ask. Why!? Why did I ask? “Just out of curiosity,what did it go for?” I asked…
The answer came.
I looked.
A single tear as I read the worst.



Lesson learned. ALWAYS CALL!!! ๐Ÿ™‚